Monday, January 14, 2013

Dateless by Degrees

Happy 2013! Man, time flies.
I've been so busy working and teaching over here (I will be putting up a post about my workshop with Light Grey Art Lab soon!) that I've been neglecting a bunch of pieces to share with you guys...I'm going to try and post at least once a week and get things back on track again. Let's do this!!

 Okay, so a while back I was asked to do another illustration for Ebony magazine, this time about the supposed difficulties in getting married for college-educated women. Spoiler alert: not true! The marriage gap between women with and without degrees just doesn't exist anymore, and although college graduates do tend to get married later in life, they also have lower rates of divorce.

My sketches--I still really like the one on the right, too! Maybe I should make it into another illustration?

My color sketch with the layout mock-up. Had to reposition some things!
 Thanks again to my great AD Lynn Galloway!


Jesse Hamm said...

Love the immediacy of the sketch! You should submit more of those as finals!

Anonymous said...

I think the one on the right is awesome. Would be cool with an arm around her shoulder (i.e. her man/ woman supporting the fact that she wants to study further). It speaks to me because my partner and I both have higher degrees and he was totally there for me through the 4 (hideous) years of struggling for my PhD. So it's totally factual XD Most of my married friends met when one or both were in Uni so yea- totally have her partner there. So she's not looking out in hope at the couple on the street but in hope of finishing up her studies so she can be out there too with her love X)