Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey, Thanks!

A big slice of gratitude for the folks over at Drawn! and a pleasant Hello! to anyone new coming over to check my stuff out! This is the second time John Martz has written me up, and it's awful nice of him to do it. :) (it was also nice of Sam to submit my site to Drawn...)

Lucky for me, I just updated (although I've found that sometimes it's necessary to clear the cache in Firefox before the new changes appear) and I'm gettin' serious here about freelancing, so now's the time. :)

I'll be putting up a sweet new piece on Sunday or Monday (it'll be in the February issue of GO!) but I can also now share this B&W piece I did for BITCH magazine-- it was about the role of Jane Eyre character archetypes in literature.
(I don't know about you all, but I do enjoy me some period romances on occasion. It's a break from the asian action movies I usually enjoy watching. Anyone else excited for Chocolate? Eh? Eh?)

I'm not too practiced in B&W (or graphite pencil!), so I think this could maybe have been better. I'm trying to play around with some new media though, so any suggestions appreciated!

Thanks again, guys!