Friday, May 29, 2009


That's the title of my diptych for the upcoming "Vs." show I'm in! There's a bunch of great people in the show, and most of them are my friends/former coworkers from Big Huge Games & Firaxis! If you're around Baltimore COME AND SEE!

Here's the blurb:
Opening Reception Takes Place Friday, June 5 at The Windup Space in Station North 7-9 pm (located at 12 W. North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202)

And here's my dueling hairdos:

There's so many ways to go with the theme of "Vs." and I was trying to think of an idea that wasn't necessarily action-oriented. In retrospect, I probably should have gone even crazier with the hair, but I was enchanted with the idea of drawing greasers. I'll also be selling a nice big framed print of my Naturalist there, since that goes with the theme too. :)

In other news, Sam & I are moving so it's been craaaazy around here...I have more stuff to share but it'll have to wait! Hope everyone's summer has started off well!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Less is More & Due Diligence

Hey guys, thanks for the congrats on Spectrum! In other awards news, I found out I got my Naturalist piece (you know, the one with the lady with a bunch of heads on the wall? Got into SOI and Spectrum too? I guess I did something particularly well in that one!) got into the American Illustration's online gallery TRIBUTE. Woo! Apparently they had A TON of entries this year. Anyway, I've got some new pieces to put up, in addition to those Carus illustrations I shared in the last post (I'll get back to those later).

So, here's my stuff in the April issue of Air Tran GO! magazine-- all about how to deal with people that owe you money! Persistence is key, as is showing you're not afraid to use some muscle (but only if needed)! I always love the spreads that the GO! designers come up with. :)

And the spot:

Here's my illustration for the May GO! magazine. This one is very appropriate for the economic times right now--it's about making due with less, in terms of supply and demand, and looking for neglected areas that have more demand than supply. Like beekeeping, apparently! This was an experiment using texture & some colors I don't usually utilize. (No red and teal?? what??)

aaand the spot:

More later!
(and my root canal went great, hooray!)