Sunday, February 27, 2011

The North

To continue this series of leisurely Game of Thrones fanart-sketch-experiments while I rest and recharge, I have JON SNOW and GHOST (his direwolf!) in the frozen land beyond the Wall.

This was a further experiment in making my own photoshop brushes and slapping on more texture. I expanded and made a bunch more! The new brushes are okay, but I wish I could find a really nice sort of dry-brush ink or charcoal-y simulcrum. (besides just drawing traditionally, of course) :) To the people who are curious about how I normally draw-- I just use my wacom and a regular hard round photoshop brush, start to finish, nothing fancy. (when I need texture, I put it in layers over my work)

Horses are way hard to draw. Also, I am disappointed that Jon Snow in the HBO previews has a dumb moustache. Makes him look too old! He's supposed to be a skinny 14-15 yr old!

Friday, February 18, 2011


This week I:

*Mailed out all the Print Giveaway prints.
Thanks everyone, they'll be arriving soon!

*Finished up my 4-month-long 32-page kids activity book for Amtrak
(waiting to hear if there's revisions! Fingers crossed! Pictures to come in future months.)

*Drew this medieval/Game of Thrones inspired sketch:

This may or may not be Sansa acting romantically tragic in the Red Keep...

During the last month of working on the Amtrak book I had a huge desire to draw for fun, but literally had no time. My illustrations & lettering for the book are verrry crisp and clean, and after sending in the last pages and relaxing a little, I decided to take some time to mess around with the new photoshop brushes and textures and create a new brush.

This image came together pretty haphazardly using a nice texturey brush I created (and some additional textures on top). I didn't plan anything out, I just wanted to GO. It felt good.

Plus, I learned i can draw a lot faster if I'm using a textured brush (I don't have to clean anything up!!) so I'm thinking of trying it out more in the future. What do you think?