Saturday, March 21, 2009


Long time no post, eh? I've been remiss in updating lately, but I've also been busy sending out postcards/emails and working on some new projects.

Big news is I've found out that I made it into Spectrum 16 along with my partner-in-crime Sam Bosma and my good buddy Jeremy Enecio (who won Gold in Unpublished!! As he should!)
Still not sure which piece(s) got in, but should be finding out soon!

For this update, I've got a sketch I drew in photoshop based off a vision I got. It wasn't really a vision in the sense of the epic sort of "I AM SEEING THE FUTURE!!" vision, but oftentimes when I'm laying in bed before I go to sleep, I get a stream of images in my head. Does that happen to any of you? Like, just random images? Sometimes they're ideas for fashion or clothing, or sometimes just random pictures, like a person's face lit in a particular way or, in this case, a crumbling wall with two portraits on it.
I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to just sketch it out. I'm trying to play a little more with lighting than I normally do, and I was thinking about the economy and portents and all that sort of predicting-the-future type stuff.

Photoshop and wacom has officially replaced my sketchbook/pen as my preferred mode of drawing. I just think better when color and shape are involved, and erasing into things, versus just drawing line.

Here's a piece (also entirely photoshop-done) for PagePath Technologies' monthly newsletter-- it's about how their product makes it easier to sort and print receipts and generally keep things organized.

I like how it turned out. I've been trying to use colors in different ways than my usual brights & I've also been experimenting more with texture, though I don't think I've hit the nail on the head quite yet.