Monday, January 31, 2011

Print Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Hoo boy, I got a lot of entries and lovely comments for the print giveaway! You guys blew me away, I will have to definitely do another giveaway in the future.

I got a lot of feedback requesting more book-based illustrations. That's great, because I definitely want to do more literature-influenced personal projects! I have a few more Sabriel illustrations I've been thinking about, as well as some Game of Thrones and sci-fi stuff. I'd love to be able to expand from editorial into the book industry!

But anyway, HERE'S what you've been waiting for, we have THE WINNERS!!! (all were randomly generated!)

Niv Bavarsky (from the blog)
Jake (from the blog)
Irma Kniivila (from the blog)
Boum (from the blog)
Reedtard (from twitter)
Jameshindle (from twitter)
Eptin (from twitter)

If you nice folks could all send me an email to with your address by the end of the week, I can get your prints sent off! If someone hasn't responded by the end of the week, I will draw another winner.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that entered! You all made me very happy. I've been wavering on setting up an actual print shop somewhere on the internet (rather than just people emailing me when they're interested in a print)-- if anyone has any suggestions or positive experiences with online stores, let me know.

Thanks again, and expect another blog post soon!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Print Giveaway!

*UPDATE* I will definitely be giving away the extra Naturalist/Rollergirl/Libra prints I showed below! I'm blown away by the response so far, you guys are the besttt!(and if any of you are concerned about being in another country, if you win I will happily ship a print internationally)

Hi everyone!
In honor of the new year and in thanks to all you lovely people who follow my work and inspire me, I'm doing a print giveaway on my blog and twitter. Ends on Sunday the 30th!
It's simple-- comment on this post for a chance to win (you could tell me what I should draw this year, or not), and/or retweet my twitter announcement. My twitter name is kalidraws. If you do both the blog and twitter, you have double the chances of winning!
I'll be giving away these 4 glossy prints (2 for the blog, 2 for twitter):

BUT if I get a lot of responses, i'll give away even more, like these guys:

Sound good?? You have through Sunday to comment/tweet, and then I will randomly pick the winners and post their names on my blog next week so they can email me. PRINTS AWAY!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Foreeever Youngg

These illustrations are a bit overdue for posting, but back before Thanksgiving I was happy to have been contacted by Hemispheres magazine. They were looking for an illustration & title text ('Forever Young') for an article on their inflight movie-- "Ramona and Beezus", based on the book by the venerable Beverly Cleary. The article was going to be a Q&A with Beverly, so they wanted to include a portrait of her and the characters. Portraits aren't something I do too often, but I wanted to give it my best shot and try something a little different, technique-wise.

Now of course I've heard of Beverly Cleary, but I was probably one of the few little girls who preferred to pilfer my dad's Sci-Fi instead of read girly pre-teen books. So, I had to do some research on Beverly and her characters and I came away with a lot of respect for her dedication to writing humorous, relatable books for children and young adults (without preachy moral tones).

Thanks to my AD Ellie Clayman for the assignment, and thank YOU for stopping by.
(also, I haven't forgotten about a print giveaway--I'm waiting for my printshop to reopen on the 18th so I can get some goodies for y'all!)