Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Education Week

Illustration for an article in Education Week about the decline of the teaching profession and how policy makers can revive it. The process of revival outlined in the article involves an increased focus on Professional Capital--valuing high quality teachers and teaching. I wanted to put a positive spin on things and show the goal of the revival: a teacher growing and flourishing. I really like how this one came out (interesting environment, stylish lady? Yes please!), and as a teacher myself it was a really interesting article to read. Thanks to AD Vanessa Solis, who also happens to be a fellow MICA alum!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fitness nuts!

I kept forgetting to post this one--this was a quick job from the Boston Globe a few months back. The article in question was about how so many Bostonians are so into fitness--you'll see people running and cycling all over the place! Thanks again to AD Ryan Huddle & editor Francis Storr!
I'm thinking about starting a running program myself...getting out of shape is easy when you're home drawing on the computer all day!

The article specifically mentioned all the neon sweat wicking outfits you see whizzing by, so I wanted to get that colorfulness in the final.
I don't often use color for sketches, but sometimes it's more helpful on a clarity level if things are getting too jumbled in greyscale:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Runway to Win!

Drawing Iman (supermodel extraordinaire) and Anna Wintour (Vogue EIC) shopping together has got to be one of the more fabulous scenarios I've been asked to illustrate! The June 7-13 issue of Time Out Chicago has an article about Anna and Iman hosting a fashion/shopping event at Harpo studios as a fundraiser for Obama. All the merchandise the two ladies are holding is from the Runway to Win collection, designed by a bunch of fashion designers in support of Obama.
Thanks to my AD Ian Dingman for this fun, stylish job! (in my hometown, no less!)


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Girls

I saw these stylish ladies walking around Baltimore the other weekend. They were too cool not to draw! (and they were all wearing some pretty killer heels)