Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooky Scary!

Hey all!
Just in time for Halloween, this is a new illustration from this past weekend's LA Times. The timing was a little tight--I got the info late Monday and the final was due Friday (with the final to be printed in the Sunday edition), but this was a fun halloween-themed illustration to work on!

The original idea of the article was about how Vampires seem to appeal more to ladies and Zombies to men, so my sketches primarily dealt with the gender division between the monsters, the first in a more graphic way, and the 2nd in a more scene-based way.

They liked the first sketch without changes, which was great, although the suggestion was that the hands could look more like adoring fans, and less, in some areas, like they were trying to grab the figures. So I started on my final, but the article's direction took a turn and replaced Zombies with Werewolves! So my illustration needed to reflect the change as well. :)
Here's the final, with the option of a smooth version and a slightly textured version:

Joey Santos was my LA Times liason & designer of the final page, and he gave great input was was really excited and supportive all the way through. Thanks Joey!
Here's the final layout (lightened up for print):

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Straight Shootin'

To Reed Bond, an all-around delightful illustrator & person.
In response to his lovely thank you to me! :)
Any time, Reed!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Boys in Love and Bleeding Hearts

Despite the title of this post sounding like something out of an Emo girl's dream, these illustrations came from two very different assignments.

The first is a joint collaboration between the effervescent Samuel Bosma and myself for the cover of the October Muse magazine. It was at the request of Art Director Extraordinaire John Sandford, and it was the first time Sam and I have collaborated on a piece. You can probably see our respective areas of focus (decorative, flat-color foliage? Lushly rendered heart & hands?), but by the end of the assignment we both had a hand in basically all aspects of the final. The cover story was about "bleeding heart transplants", where the donor is technically dead (braindead), but their body is kept alive so surgeons can remove the organs. Crazy stuff, right? I had the idea of plants sprouting from a heart, to symbolize the life it gives to another person, and Sam thought that having surgeon's hands holding the heart would help add to the theme, so we both generated sketches and combined the imagery, to good effect I think.

It went through several versions, with John deciding that we needed to add some blood to the gloves so they'd be able to put text on top (guess who added the gory blood this wasn't Sam!) Also, this is a kid's magazine. Whoooo.
Here's one of the earlier versions when we were still feeling out color stuff:

ALSO, a while back I was contacted by the lovely artist Patricio Oliver to do a piece of guest art for his graphic novel, Maurice in Love. It's a series of one-panel illustrations concerning the romantic exploits of apathetic romeo Maurice. Here's the press release:

Maurice is looking for love, single and dating almost everyone in his town, Maurice in love, a graphic novel by Patricio Oliver about love bizarre infatuations and everything in the middle.
Paperback: 64 pages full color
Publisher: Moebius Editora Oct 09
Language: English (Spanish Subtitles)
Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 inches

Guest artists: Nuno Plati, Ochopante, Chris Bachalo, Annie Wu, Kali Ciesemier, Jordie Bellaire, Jorge Alderete, Pablo Lobato, Daniel Krall, Sam Bosma, Lucas Varela and Rodolfo MIgliari

As you can see, some friends of mine were also invited-- Sam Bosma, Annie Wu, and Daniel Krall! We were each allowed to pick one of the panels of the story, and then re-interpret it into our own art style, preserving the dialogue and the fact that the characters were sitting. Here's the panel I picked:

And here's my illustration for it: