Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm heading home today to get a jump on my little holiday break in Chicago, but before I go I wanted to share an illustration I did for Baltimore Magazine. It's about a real-life school for Santa Wannabes, taught by a guy who is the spitting image of Father Christmas himself!

I also wanted to say I'm feeling a little better about the whole illustration thing. Thanks for all your support with that. I just need to keep working at it and not giving up. (that's sort of the solution for everything, I think...)
Also, for any of you derby fans, right now I'm in a Rollergirl-themed gallery show at the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Minneapolis, MN! (Running until December 30th, in case any of you want to swing by! If you're out there, maybe pick me up some Lutefisk too) :) The Northstar Rollergirls of Minnesota also asked me to do their May Championship bout poster, so that should be pretty sweet! I wasn't able to attend the opening, but here's one of the photos from it with a smiling dude and one of my pieces:

Anyway, I hope you all have an excellent and delicious time with your own family and friends! I know mine will be filled with my family and their great food and and heated political/religious exchanges. :) It's what the holidays are all about.


mclean said...

Nice one, you freelancer-conceptartist double-threat. So where's your stuff on the BHG blog? Hmm?

Daniel Fishel said...

It was nice running into in New York at the Jon Levine gallery. Good luck with everything.....

Nice illo.