Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movin' on up!

I've got a bunch of new work to put up and some news to share...I'm now a part of The Loud Cloud, a creative agency that represents a group of selected illustrators. I'm real proud to be in this group with a bunch of other talented and lovely illustrators, including my former teacher, Daniel Krall. My section of the site is still being updated, so we'll see where things go from here. :)

In other news, Tuesday is my first day of teaching at MICA this semester, and I'm really pumped. I'm teaching "Digital as Illustration" for freshman, and I'm excited to see what these students can do. Woo!

But, onto some more illustrations!
A couple Air Tran GO! assignments, this first one was a fun one on the subject of Career Coaching.

This next one was titled "Flying Solo", and was about independent contractors in America (like me!). I've included the sketches I did for this one. The tough part about this assignment was that I had a very limited time to do this, and neither of the first 2 sketches I sent panned out (as an airline magazine, they didn't want the image to have any airplanes in it, and they just had a city-type illustration in their last issue). Also, they wanted to put type on top of the illustration, so I had to leave a lot of space for that. (and keep the background light enough) So, when the article is titled "Flying Solo", what other flying things can you use? Birds! So, we have a lone hawk here in the approved 3rd sketch.

So, I've also recently done a slew of work for Time Out NY magazine. I was selected to create the title and illustrations for their 2009 Cheap Eats issue, and was given the challenge of drawing lots of tiny New Yorkers interacting with iconic NY foods. (Pizza, hot dog, dumplings, and falafel). When I was a kid I loved to drawing really tiny foods, so this was an amusing turn of events for me. I've also discovered that I enjoy drawing buildings and trees's really fun! Maybe more fun than drawing people.

Aaaand here's another assignment from Time Out NY! This one was for an article on how Butchers, Baristas, and Bartenders are the new "Rising Stars" of the food industry. I thought a heroic profile lineup would be appropriate. :)

Thanks for checking in! MORE LATER!


Anonymous said...

It makes me so happy when I see updates from you.

I love the synergistic (can you tell I just learned that word?) approach to showing career coaching.

Brian said...

I keep waiting to see a person in one of your illustrations that looks like your uncle Brian

Jack Noel said...

That Cheap Eats title page thing is delicious.
The colours you select for your linework, they're marvellous.

Patricio OLiver said...

I love the tiny little people on food!!! lets ride giant food!

laila aka rawfish said...

wonderful stuff, kali!!
just the kind of energy & fun i expect from you!
super exciting to be teaching for MICA so soon after graduating from it, haha! if you want a crash visit (aka a ruckus in your classroom) jesse & i will gladly come be guest teachers for a day. ;)
hope all is well.
xox laila

Frank said...

You are a future God of illustration. Don't take a rep.

Nick Iluzada said...

loud cloud?! time out ny?! teaching freshman?! awesome! ur awesome! i might just pop in for a second one day and say hi!

Kali said...

Thanks guys! These were all fun assignments. If only we could all ride giant food :)

Too late, Frank! But listen--I'm just trying it out. I'm not locked down forever, and now that I'm teaching I have less time to promote myself, so I figured I'd give it a try and see how it goes. It can't really hurt me right now.

Laila, hahaha, I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if you and Jesse crashed my class. I know it would be hilarious, fun chaos, though. :) How're you guys doing in NY so far??

Nick-- sure, feel free to pop in! Actually, if you want to contribute to a crit sometime, even better!