Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mass Appeal

So for the April issue of Air Tran GO!, I did a couple illustrations for an interesting article on the power of crowdsourcing. Otherwise known as THE HIVE MIND!!
When I got the job, it didn't take long for me to get a sense of what I wanted to do--something vaguely reminiscent of a 1960's science textbook style, with bright overlapping colors and simple linework. GO! wanted some space for text within the illustration--the perfect spot for a giant lightbulb, given the illuminating qualities of the article (hohoho). Because I already had the general idea of what I wanted to do, all my sketches were variations on a theme:

And thus the final and spot:

Thanks for stickin'around! See you guys at the end of this week for some Sabriel work with a kitty innit! ALSO if you're interested in LOTR or the Hobbit (or just some sweet artwork based on it), check out this great blog post Irene Gallo put up on, with a bunch of great artists and interesting contributions (including Sam!)


emily b said...

This is brilliant! I am lost in the beautiful colors and spectacular composition. Great job!

Noni said...

I saw this when I was flying home one time :) Ripped it out of the magazine so I could keep it, don't tell anyone.