Monday, July 19, 2010

Animal People & Bonus bogus logos

So! Getting back on the wagon train, I have a comic I did for Muse Magazine & the wonderful John Sandford! Muse sometimes has a 4 page myth-based comic (I previously did Hercules and the 12 labors for them) and John came to me with an Okanagan myth from the Pacific Northwest. The premise of the myth is about how the Great Spirit names all the animal people--they all have to come to his great lodge the next morning and pick their names, first come first served, and The Great Spirit will give each a job to do. Coyote is a trickster, and he schemes to stay up all night and be the first to receive his name (something grand like GRIZZLY BEAR or EAGLE) but all his scheming just causes him to sleep in and be the last to arrive. He is left with the name of Coyote, but also given the job of protecting the people of earth.

John suggested the totem-pole-like style, and I got to hand-letter the title as well!

ALSO, a while back I did a little piece for Inside Counsel magazine. It's a magazine for lawyers and people in the law department, and the article was about how campaign finance reform is changing & companies are now allowed to back political candidates. I thought of Nascar suits and all the advertising that gets crammed onto them, and applied the same principle to business suits. I had a fun time finding red-based logos and blue-based logos, and then twisting the names around so I didn't infringe on any copyrights. (Gatorate and Kol-Aid are some of my favorites) See how many you can recognize!!

Faux-logos always remind me of the awesome DVNO music video by Justice, enjoy!


Mike Laughead said...

Awesome work. I would love to see many comics by you in that style.

A question about Muse... I heard that they pay illustrators 12 months after they finish the illustration job. Is that true? If so, is it still worth it to work with them?

Kali Ciesemier said...

Hey thanks Mike! And yes, Carus Publishing (which owns Muse, Cricket, Ladybug, Cicada, etc.) pays like a year after the job is turned in, unfortunately....BUT they do pay. The worth is up to you-- they were the first company I interned at so I'm friends with the people there and enjoy working with them, so I'm always pleased to do a job for them. The money is always sort of "surprise!" money: you forget about it and then when it comes it feels like a bonus! It just depends on if you're okay with waiting a while :)

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