Friday, December 10, 2010


This blog post is a TRIPLE THREAT because I'm posting THREE different kid-related spot assignments, all from Family Circle magazine, from different times this year. OH YEAH!

Jr. High back-to-school scenarios (sweep the leg!):

Different stages of childhood development, from newborns to early-teens:

(While working on this, I was listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks and secretly imagined the 14 yr-old trying to buy robitussin as Ron Weasley. I've since tried to include Rons or people wearing R's in other illustrations)

The Boy's & Girl's club of America, encouraging creative after school activities (the ginger is not a Ron specifically, but close enough):

Thanks for looking! (and maybe reliving awkward Jr. High memories with me)


Kyle T. Webster said...
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Kyle T. Webster said...

Nice drawings, Kali. I always love your color choices.

Jordan Jeffries said...

Those kids look too happy and well-adjusted to remind me of MY junior high memories, haha. I imagine Family Circus isn't interested in illos of kids in JNCOs getting bullied.

There's so much great stuff packed into this post, so let me just single out the third childhood pic as a particularly great example of your economy of expression and gesture getting everything you need... that kid's face is perfect!

More secret Rons please. said...

I really like these!