Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hey! Are you going to be at SPX this weekend? I will be wandering around on Saturday on a buying spree and I drew this 100% accurate visual reference for what my little traveling gang will look like. I'd love if you said hello!

I will have 50 new postcards to give out! These postcards!

I also feel compelled to mention that I got them from Originally I wasn't going to be able to get new postcards in time for SPX, because the expedited shipping from Overnight Prints and Jakprints etc. was too expensive, and I mentioned this on twitter. ShortStackPrinting saw my tweet and offered to upgrade me to overnight delivery for free, I took the offer, and here we are! (it was inexpensive & the printing quality is good, but the cardstock is a little thin --perfect for handing out at a con or expo, though)

Next year Sam & I might even get a table. See you there!

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Michelle said...

Any chance you may have leftovers of those lovely postcards to sell afterwards?? :)