Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apocalypse Coffee

Hooray! The Cloudy Collection 2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse released yesterday! It's a special edition of 50 calendars screenprinted in 3 colors and filled with every way you'd want the world to end.
Each month was illustrated by a different talented artist-- Emory Allen, Joe Alterio, Ana Benaroya, Amy Crehore, David Huyck, Adam Koford, Joe Lambert, Phil McAndrew, Luke Pearson, Vincent Stall, and Jamie Zollars. I had the pleasure of drawing September's apocalypse! I'm also so tickled that the wonderful Luke Pearson simultaneously illustrated October with a fully flooded town--looking our months side by side reads like a story!

Apocalypse or not, when there's crummy weather I love the feeling of being snug inside with a good book and I figured my protagonist would appreciate that as well. At first I thought of doing a fiery inferno outside, but it took me a while to get used to the rules of setting up layers for screenprinting, and none of the sketches were working for me:

When something doesn't work sometimes you just have to start over, and a change of scenery (and flooding!) worked out better for me in another sketch (and although those socks would be cozy, I thought they were too distracting from the coffeshop/maritime theme):

Some photos of the screenprinted set:

You can buy the calendar yourself and browse some of the other fine Cloudy Collection sets here!


Erin McGuire said...

She looks just like "Jane" from empire records- http://www.princess-emily.com/albums/EmpireRecords/DebiMazarthen.jpg

Also, awesome piece! I'm a sucker for orange :]

Antoine said...

Great piece, as always. I particularly love the Poseidon and siren on the wall = )

Emmeline Pidgen Illustration said...

It's stunning! At the end of the world I'd probably want to be snuggled with a good book too.

Visansaya Loisawai said...

great color and idea ,I like that girl and your calendar all! xD


My god, beautiful!

Maldito Columpio said...

nice to find you :^)