Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

Since Hanukkah starts this evening, I wanted to put up an illo from this past weekend's edition of the Boston Globe. The article was an interesting essay written by a Jewish mother struggling with her son's fascination with Christmas.

My sketch ideas all seemed to flow out naturally and quickly, which was a nice surprise (especially since turnaround time was short).

Color took longer to figure out, but I had fun using colors that I don't often choose, and I'm really happy with the results. I have to use neons more often! Thanks again to ace AD Ryan Huddle for another interesting assignment! (and another chance for me to bone up on my square compositions!)


Whitney Pollett said...

I love the neons, the composition, the square framing and the theme, of course! Great work as always. I like to pop in from time to time and I'm always so enthralled.

Cup O Swank Studio said...

Kali, you've done it again! Love it!

Alexis said...

All these compositions are lovely!