Monday, April 2, 2012

The Dead of Winter

Did you ever read Nancy Drew? When I was a young'un I looooved reading about her teenage detective adventures. The pulp-y covers always juxtaposed Nancy with a precarious situation or mysterious 'spooky' objects, but they had the desired effect of prompting kid-Kali to find out WHAT was "The Secret of the Forgotten City"?!

WHO was "The Invisible Intruder"?!

And what the HECK is with "The Crooked Banister"?!

I love looking at the word & image interaction in book covers and old posters, and thought it'd be fun to create my own mystery novel cover for an imaginary heroine.

Here's hoping that someday I get to make a real one! Kudos to Sam for helping me think of a title that had just the right amount of pun, and to Andrea for giving me a fresh set of (smart) eyes!


Blind Squirrel said...

Nice! I love the magenta accent color especially the way it plays off the skull.

Have you seen Kate Beaton's cartoons based on some these covers?

Philip A. Buck said...

This is Terrific! I used to read the Hardy Boys, myself. I always thought Nancy was a bit cooler, but was under the sad impression that they were only for girls. I got around it by having my sister read Nancy Drew out loud :) The Covers were still always my favorite part haha. I'd totally grab Dead of Winter of the shelf for sure! Looks great!

Diana Toledano said...

I would want to read that book! Loving the grey with that accent of color.

Diana Toledano said...

(OK, I just read the previous comments... I'm not very original, am I?)

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Dude! So good! :}

7satellite said...

i love it kali :)

i also love that the color pink was used for the crooked banister! :D