Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh Brother, You're a Bother!

Since it was mother's day yesterday, it seems fitting to post this recent piece I did for the April/May AARP magazine!  Thanks to AD Joanna Foucheux! The article was about siblings who may not get along--even in their 50's. And although that doesn't have anything to do with how wonderful moms are, I did manage to slip in both my amazing grandmas into my faux-family tree!

The feuding siblings are also veeeery loosely based on my own parents--not because they fight, but because they make good models!
Everyone else in this happy magenta-haired family is made up, except for a cameo by my cat.

I formatted my sketches with the help of a previous page layout--the current page/title doesn't have anything to do with Embracing Embarrassment. :)
Joanna ended up going with the 2nd sketch, but requested that the siblings not be getting in a physical altercation and the rest of the family should just be looking forward like normal.

Thanks again to AARP, and a belated happy mother's day to all the moms out there!


Ribbu said...

Love seeing the sketches. Also love the grand-cat detail!

Megonia Begonia said...

I liked the physicality of the "altercation" sketch. :)

Nik said...

Beautiful! I love the personality of every family member on the tree.

Gabriela. said...

love it, and the original sketch is also pretty good, it delivers the message pretty neatly

Susanna Rumiz said...
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Susanna Rumiz said...

great works *__*
I really like the color choices and the characters design!