Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fitness nuts!

I kept forgetting to post this one--this was a quick job from the Boston Globe a few months back. The article in question was about how so many Bostonians are so into fitness--you'll see people running and cycling all over the place! Thanks again to AD Ryan Huddle & editor Francis Storr!
I'm thinking about starting a running program myself...getting out of shape is easy when you're home drawing on the computer all day!

The article specifically mentioned all the neon sweat wicking outfits you see whizzing by, so I wanted to get that colorfulness in the final.
I don't often use color for sketches, but sometimes it's more helpful on a clarity level if things are getting too jumbled in greyscale:


Kyu-bum Lee said...

I love your work! and Thank you for posting sketches and process work!

evilreborn said...

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Bee said...

So great! Love the composition and bright colors ^___^ How long did it take you to draw this one?

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sachin tanwar said...

I love your work! and Thank you for posting sketches and process work!

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Anonymous said...

Ah I love how the guy is sitting there with his coffee. Now this really makes you want to get up and do something. It really does affect what you do based on your surroundings huh?

I also sit on the computer all day and sometimes a random stretch here and there doesn't cut it. My boss noticed this and wanted to get us a treadmill desk (like this: LifeSpan Fitness TR 1200-DT5) to keep us energized. Tried it out and BOOM, it surprisingly worked. This encouraged me to get out and move after work.