Monday, April 28, 2008

Jukebox Hero

New piece this week! But first, a small pat-on-the-back for myself-- I got into CMYK magazine!
The piece that got in is this one, which also got into the Society of Illustrators student contest this year:

Andrea Kalfas also made it into CMYK! Hooray!
Also, I'll be going to the Society of Illustrators awards ceremony this friday with fellow MICA Society of Illustrators winners Jeremy Enecio (the grand prize winner!) and Eamonn Donnelly (a $1000 winner!). Unfortunately the other MICA SoA winner, Jimmy Giegerich, isn't able to attend, due to a rockin' band performance he's putting on the same evening.

[ALSO in awards/winning news, Sam Bosma got second place in the Project Rooftop Iron Man redesign competition! Second only to the formidable Daniel Krall! Congratulations all around, men.]

Aaanyway, self-congratulations aside, turns out I decided not to do living with bears or $1 buffets for Frank Stockton's assignment, "Something worth shortening your life for", which was actually an article he had done illustrations for in Esquire, which you can see here. I ended up thinking "Rocking too hard for The Man to handle" would be something worth shortening your life for. Hence my Office Rockstar, annoying his pencil-pushing coworkers while catching some sweet air with obligatory double-necked guitar!

It's not really an activity that is immediately life-shortening, but getting fired from your job and put out on the streets could take some years off your life.

Also, a big thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog already, or just stopped by to take a look. Thank you for being interested. It keeps me happy inside!

Next up: the ever-elusive Thesis work (possibly?!), and my interpretation of a fortune-cookie fortune! Team break!


Sam Bosma said...

Yarharhar rad. I hope I am alive to go to SoI with the crew.

danny robbins said...

Hey Kali. Huge congratulations on getting in CMYK, that's a strong piece. I feel like the new piece you posted could use some of the nice line-work you have done in other pieces, like Macbeth and the playing cards. I feel like those are stylistically your strongest pieces, but it may just be my personal preference.


Dignin said...

I like the flatness and the visual of not only thinking, but kicking, outside the (cubical) box.

Diego Garcia said...

It's true, we've never met. Still, I've got you linked.


Kali said...

Thanks guys :). And Danny, you're right. I did all the lines on the computer because I was pressed for time, but I don't like the effect as much as when I ink it by hand (like I did in pretty much all of my other pieces). So, I agree. :)

TadMack said...

Hi, Kali, came over from the 7-Imps -- what a great Beatdown Betty! Congratulations on graduating and preparing to take the world by storm. We'll all be waiting to see what piece of awesome you come up with next!


Diego Garcia said...

Done and done.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Lovely poster