Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One is the Loneliest Number.

     So, this is the first post in this new blog, and it's a little intimidating.
There's probably not even anyone actually looking at this yet, but I'd still like to show you, imaginary audience, some nice things.

     The launch of this blog corresponds with the update of Ciesemier.com to v2.1, so I'll take a moment to point out some new pieces and explain a bit about them:

     Most of my new stuff is from a class I've been taking this semester which covers fashion and lifestyle illustration, taught in thirds by different teachers. The first and only actual MICA teacher is the always enlightening Daniel Krall, who assigned the class to pick a specific time and place, and then do 3 illustrations incorporating modern-day clothes from designers. Literally, my first thought was "the Hindenburg disaster!" so naturally I have a series of very sultry people lounging around with cigarettes while the Hindenburg goes up in flames, one of which is shown below.

     The series isn't strictly accurate, as there weren't actually any ladies (in Alexander McQueen couture, no less!) shimmying down ropes, with nonchalant men smoking and falling in the background. I tried a little different technique than my usual pen-and-photoshop-flat-color, and used pencil lines and more shading. It was a nice departure, but I think I could push it a lot more should I ever try it again in the future. More texture!

     The second guest teacher who I've had the pleasure to be taught by is illustration-god Sam Weber. It was really awesome to be able to see all his original work, because it's just sooo....perfect. I'll never be able to use the same style he uses, but his talent just makes me cry silent tears.
     Sam really dislikes pencil lines used in conjunction with photoshop coloring. He really, really dislikes them. Accordingly, I switched back to good old pen 'n photoshop for an assignment based on the hierarchies of playing cards. The piece shown here is the Queen. If you check out my website, King has a collection of animal heads, and Jack has a shady wine cellar.

     The theme I was going for was "Eccentric, slightly dangerous millionaires with collections". This one was real tough to think of the concepts for, but I'm happy with how things turned out in the end. I feel like there is still a little something to be desired in the Jack, though.
     The other assignment Sam had us do was a theater poster for any Shakespeare play. After initially taking a liking to the imagery in the Tempest, I ended up doing a piece for Macbeth. I've never read the play, but I liked the idea of contrasting the three fates (as lovely ladies) with a bloodthirsty and grizzled Macbeth.

     I'm pretty happy with how the composition and colors work in the poster, and the way Macbeth's face and hand look, but Sam Weber harped on me for the use of pencil lines everywhere else. I think I agree with him, using pen lines for the hair and cloak would probably give a cleaner look. Perhaps if I have time this summer I can re-ink things. For another approach to the poster by a talented person much more knowledgeable of the actual play, check out the acrylic stylings of Sam Bosma. Ana Benaroya's Blog also shows her solutions for a King Lear poster. There was a lot of great work that went up!

     This week was Sam Weber's last week, and it was great having him around, hearing his opinions, and seeing his heartbreakingly-good artwork. Plus, both my lady and gentlemen friends in the class agree that he has the most perfect hair curls of anyone we've ever seen. Sam left us with some advice he gleaned from a video of Todd McFarlane drawing and giving advice: "When in doubt, block it out." (preferably with a log.)
     Next week our guest teacher is the extremely talented Frank Stockton, who I am looking forward to having in class! We don't know what our new assignment is going to be yet, so things should be interesting.

     So, I guess this post ended up being much longer than I expected, and if you stuck with it and read it all, THANK YOU! I owe you a nice crisp high-five! Also, if you have a link to me and I missed putting you on my links list, or if you'd just like to BE on my links list, let me know! I'd be happy to put you up. I haven't had a links list for a looong time, and it's time for me to pay up! There are so many illustrators and students that do great work, it makes me proud to be one too.

     That's all for now, but my next post should have some sneak peeks of my Senior Thesis project! (Mysterious portraits! Done in acrylic??!) Any comments or critiques are greatly appreciated, or thoughts about Ciesemier.com! Is it easy to view? Easy to get around? Does it look fat in those colors? I hope y'all have a lovely evening--I bought some York peppermint patties, so mine is sure to be delicious.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the images, narrative and v2.1 ciesemier.com

gumkid said...

OH WOW, this is freakin cool, love the drawing, nice comp too, especially like the hairy hand,

Anonymous said...

Hi! I met you briefly at one of the art sales last fall. I checked out your site back then and then just now and I can definitely see a big improvement! It's really easy to get around and I love your comments for each piece! It's really informative and inspiring for me as a freshman just starting in the Illustration major ^_^.

(I don't have much of a site up, yet, but if you're interested you can find me at greenwhimsy.deviantart.com)

Ruki said...

I'd been at your website, great work.
I really like the posters.

Kali said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! You're all very kind, I appreciate your time! :)

Pinest: I'm glad things were helpful to you! If you have any specific questions about the illustration department, teachers, classes, or whatever, feel free to ask away! I looked at your site, and you have some nice work-- I'm curious to see how you'll progress. :) Good luck!

danny robbins said...

Great work here, Kali. The very graphic and simple compositions are working really well and I'm especially fond of the MacBeth piece.

Thanks for the feedback regarding my work. Recently I've been trying to incorporate my drawing in my painting work more, though it's proving to be quite difficult.

Now, how long do we have to wait before the next post?


Anonymous said...

Great work! I particularly enjoyed the Macbeth piece. :)