Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey wait, remember me?

So, I've certainly been gone a long time, eh? There's really no excuse, but nevertheless I'll explain that I've been graduating/moving to a new apartment/starting a time-consuming concept art internship at Big Huge Games. In any case, I'm trying to get back on track with my true love: Illustration!

So, here's a long overdue photo:
My senior thesis show! Look, there's me, and there's a selection of my work!

Also, I recently completed a full page illustration for Spider Magazine, about a magic trick. (the page is titled "Abracadabra!") Whee!

Also, this past week/weekend I was volunteering at ICON5 in NY with an assortment of other Mica alumni/undergrads that Whitney Sherman (the chair of our department, AND the president of ICON5) recruited, and some lovely people from other art schools.
Some of the work we had to do was less than enjoyable, and we had to stay in coffin-sized YMCA rooms for 2 nights before moving to the hotel, but there were several open-bar events when I had a lot of fun chatting with the talented and excellent illustrators Sam Weber, Jillian Tamaki, and Frank Stockton.
I also bought a great $10 signed Process Recess print (radical!), and received a free American Illustration book (jawesome!). All in all, a good experience. Here's a couple of thumbprint doodles I did in the "Wreck This Journal" book I bought while I was there:

ALSO, I was featured on Lost at E Minor! Sweet! A big Thank You To Ilana!

I'm working on some new stuff, so updates soon!
'Till then! (I'm getting back on track, I swear!)


Nick Iluzada said...

your work is pretty awesome. nice meeting you last weekend too.

Diego Garcia said...

I used to have like three thumb print drawing books. I loved those little guys, and I sure am glad you posted some more art for me to look at.

Dignin said...

So...pull the strip of paper taut and the two separate paper clips get auto-magically joined! You have to pull it fast for it to work, but it works! Now I can say I learned something new today.

I guess that means the illustration not only looks good, but it helped me learn a new trick without written instructions. Ikea nirvana. We don't even need to debate whether Helvetica text would be appropriate or not, ha, ha, ha.

rawfish said...

kali- looks fab as always! super exciting about the write up! and the cool page illustration. love the beastie monsters! im glad to see you blogging again. :) it seems most everyone was blogged out post-graduation. i hope you keep it up because thats the best way to stalk people. haha, at least their work. and yours is worth stalking.
love laila

Darcey said...

sweet thumb print creations! I love those

pablo pablo said...

nice green tones!

Rebecca Bastian said...

Update, ho!