Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Walk it out

Last piece for my "fashion" class! This was the last assignment Frank Stockton gave us-- we each got a fortune cookie, and we had to illustrate our fortune.
Can you guess what mine was?

If you guessed, "Spring is here! 2-headed men are out for strolls." you'd be wrong.
My actual fortune was "Smile to others, honesty and friendship bring you fortune."

Get it? The girl's smiling at the man? The man has two heads, named Honesty and Friendship? He's bringing her a flower? Which is like a fortune? eh? eh?

Okay, I know it's kind of a stretch, but if you can give me a more interesting idea, I'm all ears. I just wanted to have fun with my last bit of work for the class (although I'm thinking I should have added some subtle patterning into the suit and dress). Frank was a really good critiquer and it was great to have him there. Thanks Frank! Good advice all around. I'm also very pleased in general with all of my work that has come out of the class as a whole.

Just one more class now-- Thesis. Still so much work to do for it! I always seem to get into these crunch periods. There should be an update early next week, if not before. Tally-ho!


Dignin said...

I think this is a very clever interpretation of the fortune, Kali. I like the subtle "she loves me, she loves me not" fortune implied by the flower! It's kind of a visual word game, some might call it an illustration!! Ha, ha, ha. Interpreting Honesty and Friendship as perhaps two aspects of an ideal man was inspired (and maybe says a little bit about the artist too?). It seems that the last three pieces I have seen have shown you developing a certain style: the "Rock'N Roll" wannabe bustin loose from his office cubical world, the Cicada magazine cover, and now this fortune cookie fortune illustration. I like them all. They have a sense of playful sophistication that capture the emotions of the moment. The casual observer will notice they are aesthetically pleasing, while someone who lingers longer will see clever details the more they look. It's hard to illustrate obtuse concepts with pictures, but you pulled it off, Kali. Nicely done.

Andrew R. Wright said...

Where be the thesis at?!!

Thanks for the comments on mine. I am just now starting to get back into the swing of things after graduation and all that it entails... so the "no response" was not personal.

Pattern would be cool on this piece. A spot of busy-ness (if that is even a word) would help offset all of the flat shapes. Now where to put the pattern is easier said than done. I know the answer...hemm(I do not)hemm... but will let you figure it out for yourself...

I look forward to the next post!

my buddy francis says the society show was awesome...I wish I could have made it but it was the day of graduation for us... how did it go for you MICA folk?

Nick Iluzada said...

hey I think your stuff is pretty awesome. I liked the stuff you had during the commencement show.

Jocie said...

I think your stuff is fantastic! I saw some of your artwork in Cicada (I don't quite remember the issue, but you were the spot artist, and was really inspired by your youthful, quirky style!

Jocie said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to some new stuff from you and will be checking in.

Nicole said...

I've just been lurking through all your blog entries for the past few days (how creepy do I get to sound already? haha!) but it's because I so love your work and "Spring is here! 2-headed men are out for strolls" gave me out-loud giggles and I felt the need to comment. I do really love your work and it's always a treat to see how you've decided to tackle your projects.