Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BIG HUGE posts!

Well folks, Big Huge Games, the videogame company I worked at for 7ish months, was dropped from THQ a few weeks ago and it looked like they might have been toast. Fortunately they are not, and unfortunately they still had to let go of a lot of lovely people. While I was at BHG I mostly worked on a fun Animalcrossing/Zelda-ish game they were developing for the Wii. I also worked a tiny bit on the more realistic epic fantasy RPG they were also developing, and I'll put that work at the end of the post.

It's sad that both these games have been permanently shelved, but it does mean that I get to share some of the work I did. As you can see, a lot of it was idea-generating and not as polished as my illustration stuff, so it was an interesting adjustment for me. It also got me hooked on sketching on the computer.

So without further ado, here's a bunch of my concept work!
(all work copyright THQ, drawn by me!)

Two posters I drew up for the Wii game:

HI FIVE! Soda-can style.

Aaaand a few bits for the fantasy RPG (you can see the style is much different):

Thanks for lookin'! I will be posting some more illustrations soon!


Radstronomical said...


I am totally lamed out that I will not be able to play these games. Stuff looks great. I love the monkeys and crabs.

Sam Bosma said...

I'm totally lamed out too, Diego.

kenjibliss said...

Kali these were so cool to see while working with you :) . It is sad though it will not see the light of day. But these are still awesome and love the monkey x100!!

D. Bowers said...

Looking Great!

Dignin said...

Very impressive, Kali. Almost overwhelming in their tiny smallness. What do I click to go to the next level and gain extra powers? If I shake my monitor I get an impression of movement that adds a lifelike 4th dimension. Are there any Easter Eggs hidden in here?

Nick Iluzada said...

mad windwaker status but there are so cute!

i wish u luck in the future my dear girl!

gumkid said...

these are totally amazing

Willem Wynand said...

Wow looks very pretty, very stylistic. the houses and all but i think the people could be more, Sad the game got shelved tho, would have been nice.
Have you played a game called castle crashers for xbox live? for some reason the prettyness reminds me of it. Cusrious tho, did you use flash?

Kapusta said...

I have been lurking, checking out the back-catalog of your posts all night, and I figured it was about time to pop-in and tell you that I adore everything you do. Not a single post has gone by where I didn't think to myself, "Wow."

I wish I could play these games. It's unfortunate that such creativity couldn't have been rewarded with an actual release. Keep up the good work!