Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spectrum & Stuff!

So I found out what I got into Spectrum, and it is as follows:


Hooray! I couldn't be more happy that I got these two in, I was guessing that if I got picked, they'd probably pick one or the other, but it was a pleasant surprise that both got in! Congrats to everyone else who made it! I'm excited to see the final book in the fall when it comes out.

In other news, here's a taste of a recent assignment for Muse magazine that I was involved in. It was a multi-page story with varying sizes of illustrations about "The Invisible World". The end result of the magazine pages and the layout looks different than it does here, but I'm including the lo-res pages as an example of what I was working with. Here's the first!

I'll be posting more later.

Also, if anyone knows a good dentist/endodontist in Baltimore, let me know! When I was back in Chicago this weekend I found out I had to have a root canal (great surprise!) because apparently there's been an infection in my tooth for several years now, left over from when I fractured my jaw/teeth in highschool from fainting. Never fall on your jaw. It's a gift that keeps on giving. I got the first part of the root canal done, but I still gotta get the rest taken care of...there's just something inherently creepy about getting your teeth drilled into. Brrrrrr!


Jeremy Enecio said...

yaaaaayy! i knew you'd get something in! i'm so glad both pieces got in, there's no way they woulda been rejected. the baltimonsters piece is seriously badass, and my favorite color combination as well (as can be seen with my apartment walls, hahah).

Frank said...

Great stuff, Kali! You're going to be a superstar.

*daisy said...

awesome! : D congrats! the baltimonster piece is so gorgeous...

Daniel Fishel said...

Congrats on Spectrum! I am so stoked for ya right now, and I am really digging the new pieces.

Keep the pencil on the grind stone.

吳慈安 said...
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Anastasie said...

Congrats! I think your drawings are beautiful. Though you've probably heard that thousands of times before. I think you use teal blue a lot!