Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Emily, a Sarah, and two Adams!

Within the past three weeks, I've traveled down south twice to celebrate the weddings of 2 of my 3 wonderful Georgia cousins, Emily and Adam! (you're next, Jonathan!)
Emily got hitched with another Adam, and Adam got hitched with Sarah!
Sarah & I were bridesmaids in Emily's wedding, and Sarah suggested that I do a portrait or caricature of the bride & groom. I've always had a bit of difficulty with portraits, but lucky for me I had some good faces to work with :)

So, of course, when Adam & Sarah's wedding rolled around, I decided to do portraits of them too!

Both these sets of portraits were interesting experiments. When I tried to apply the same simplified style I did with Emily & Adam's portraits to Sarah & Adam's, I found that I needed to use a little more realism to get across the best resemblances. Different faces & personalities call for different styles, and I got some great practice out of it!


moutard said...

These are really great, especially the fanciful curlicues :)

Watts said...

They kick ass, and look like the people!!

Julienne Mei said...

i love the 2nd set! looks good :)

Cup O Swank Studio said...

They are delightful! But then, that's what you do...delightful art! :)

Bonnie Branson said...

You have such a beautiful style that every time I visit your blog it's like opening a gift. I always leave so inspired!