Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello friends!
I've been balancing a lot of longterm projects over here (hence the lack of updates for the moment), but I do have some exciting things to share now!
This weekend my long-labored Amtrak kid's activity book debuted on National Train Day, May 7th! I haven't actually gotten my hands on the physical copy yet, but I will be doing a blog post talking about all that very soon!
Also on May 7th, my cover for the Boson Globe weekend magazine came out! Big thanks to my art director Ryan Huddle for making it all come together.

The big theme for the cover was "Equal Parenting", as recently pioneered by Amy and Marc Vachon. And when I say "equal parenting" I mean TOTALLY EQUAL. Each parent gets a share of ALL the chores, for equal amounts of time (albeit on different days) and each parent spends the same amount of time at work and taking care of the kids, etc. Visually "equal parenting" gives you a pretty set concept to work with, so my sketches were in fairly similar veins, but different stylistically.

They chose the less-graphic sketch but requested that the background just be one color and that both the parents look like they're going to work.
I didn't feel totally satisfied with it until I added a lighting element. I've been really digging atmospheric lighting lately.

And the final after Ryan laid the text out (unfortunately compressed by blogger):

I had a good time with this one, and wish I had that scarf the mom is wearing. And the dad's lambchops!


JuanCarlos said...

Your colors always set the mood beautifully! congrats!

Brutal Moineau said...

wonderful choice of colors as always!

Kristin Ciesemier said...

Awesome as always - the lighting is very cool

Sarah Fillman said...


Mariessa said...

Your posts always drive me INSANE! I see the first drawings and I'm like, wow, what an amazing finished piece of work. Then I scroll down and realize that those were just your sketches...

Seriously though, those two graphic sketches would be amazing illustrations just on their own.

(ps great job)