Monday, January 30, 2012

Bachelorette Party

Ah! I forgot to post these! A few months back I did some varying-sized spot illustrations for Mpls. St. Paul Weddings magazine! The art director came to me with an article about different bachelorette party ideas that needed to be illustrated. Thanks to AD Zoe Marin!

The Pedal Pub!
Have you heard of this?? It's kind of a party/workout on wheels-- driven by one of Pedal Pub's drivers, powered by you & your party cycling on the sides. You can bring drinks and snacks aboard and is probably the only instance where you can get drunk and drive down the street (the driver always stays sober!) The video of it in action is pretty hilarious and also looks like fun.

Spa time!

Personal cooking lessons!

Pole-dancing lessons!
The AD specified that this was the land of "Minnesota Modesty"(adorable) so these girls are keeping their treasures to themselves.

Wine tours and personal photography sessions! (2 of the smaller spots)

Some selected sketches:


Simini said...

Really fun compositions! Also, I love your color pallet.

Hannah Ahn said...

those pole dancers are too cute! i love them all!

Yuri Leonardo said...

I don't know how I've reach your blog, but i'm feeling very happy for view your amazing work.

keep going. Your style is very very beautiful and rare.

from Brazil, with admiration,


Jon Suguiyama said...

Your work is always awesome, Kali! It's great to see how you manage to balance everything on B&W compositions. It makes everything much easier to play with colors later for sure!

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