Monday, February 6, 2012

Fire and Water

I recently completed a 4 page comic for a 3rd-5th grade reading textbook. The story is based on a Hawaiian myth about the fire goddess, Pele, and her sister, the sea goddess Makole.
The company provided me with the layout and content for each of the panels, and I'm showing my art here without all of the dialogue bubbles, reading notes, and external design of the page.
Big thanks to AD Olga Zeltser!

 The story starts with Makore as she discovers that Pele has stolen the love of her man. Love triangle! Pele's brother warns Pele of Makore's wrath, and she sets out to escape in his canoe.

Pele finds a likely island to make a volcano home on, but Makore floods her out and Pele sets off again. Finally Makore stops pursuing Pele, and Pele weeps tears of fire because of her exile from her original home and family. Kind of a sad note to end on, but I think the actual myth continues from here. (and this is only a simplified version)


I had an awesome time drawing all the waves. I love drawing water now! Who knew!


Simini said...

These are great! And I love how you handled the water!

Philip A. Buck said...

I agree! What an achievement!

Brooke Boynton Hughes said...

Wow! These are wonderful!

George Bletsis said...

You can really tell that the water was fun to draw, it just oozes out of the images! Wish textbooks were this beautifully illustrated when I was a kid ;)

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

I love th colors :) super illus.

Fabien said...

I discover your work (thanks to your kind message) and I love it, the colors, the composition and the sens of space is great !

itai bachar said...

Love your gorgeous work, what a talent!