Monday, February 27, 2012

Ship Ahoy!

My contribution to Jimmy Giegerich's Bits in Multiples of 8 videogame zine! As a kid I never owned a gameboy, N64, or any other game system, so all my exposure came through friends or as an adult. I'm late to the party and just started playing Pokémon Leaf Green this year, but I love the idea of little kids off adventuring in a magical/cute/dangerous world.
And yes, I know that Wingulls aren't in Leaf Green, but they are way too cute not to include!

Also, I think I will always be a fan of doofy-looking pokémon. Just keep splashing, Magikarp, someday you'll be a Gyarados!


Nick Hendriks said...

Haha, I TOTALLY called this as a Pokemon image the second I called it.
I enjoy it a lot.

asendigo said...

I would put a print of this in Luke's it!