Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Secret of 50 Berkeley Square!

A fun one for MentalFloss magazine's Jan/Feb issue! No nuns this time, but there IS a haunted house! 50 Berkeley square is a townhouse believed to be haunted as far back as the mid 1800's--the reclusive owner at the time let the place fall apart, and there are tales of ghosts there that have actually frightened visitors to death!

The article is about whether the mysterious owner, Mr. Myers, was actually the inspiration for Dickens' Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. My AD wanted an image of a modern person exploring a decayed & spooky Georgian style townhouse, preferably with some nice blue/yellow colors. I thought it'd be nice to use a flashlight as the image's light source, and an interesting graphic element.
Despite its dark past, if you visit 50 Berkeley Square today, you will find the Maggs Bros. Antiquarian Booksellers housed inside! It looks pretty cute to me.

Thanks again to my AD Winslow Taft for the fun & spooky assignment!


Douglas Soares said...
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Douglas Soares said...

Wow! History frighteningly interesting! Kali, I am passionate about the frameworks that can, and how you can get the necessary balance in the illustrations, go here for me is to drink at the fountain of inspiration!

Karla said...

Hey Kali!

I love your work I found you on a youtube on a interview with other illustrators you guys inspired me soo much. Your work is remarkable and beautiful. Am a Illustrator and designer from the Dominican Republic, I've work as a freelance with some big companies but I hope soon I can be just illustrating like you do. I have a good Job as an Art director but illustration is my passion.

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your big fan on a far island,