Monday, February 1, 2010

Picture Book Report & BONUS PRIZE!

Hey everybody!
FIRST I've got some big news! I'm psyched to be a part of the Picture Book Report!
Please take a look!

We're a group of illustrators, each choosing a book of our choice, which we will create illustrations for throughout the year. That's 12 illustrations per illustrator (once a month), with 15 talented illustrators participating! How can you go wrong??!
Posting with me will be Meg Hunt, Will Bryant, Daniel Krall, Andrea Kalfas, Sam Bosma, Israel Sanchez, Jeremy Sorese, John Martz, Julia Somni Heglund, Laura Park, Lizzy Stewart, Phil McAndrew, Patrick Murphy, and S.Britt.

The bookplates and info for Meg Hunt, Will Bryant, and Sam Bosma are currently up on the site. Meg will be periodically updating the site this week with the everyone else's bios and bookplates (including mine), so check back! The first final illustrations start rolling in next week! It's gonna be great.
Here's a teeny tiny sneek peek of part of my bookplate for Sabriel, my book of choice:

Visit again at the end of the week to see the full thing!

And now for the bonus prize: THE TRIUMPH OF OPTIMISM!
Pretty epic title, right? It was the header of an article for Los Angeles Confidential I had the pleasure of illustrating. The article was all about seeing the good in bad things--a mindset I am constantly striving to emulate. So, yay! Here we go sketches:

And the final, trying out a slightly different technique:


Jeremy Enecio said...

Niiice. This is a very striking image, and the colors are just work beautifully.

McLean Kendree said...

Sabriel!!! Dude I've got a sabriel piece in the works, just for fun. We should be Sabriel buddies.

Kali Ciesemier said...

Thanks Jeremy, I'm glad you think so. :) And McLean-- we WILL be Sabriel buddies! I remember the other Sabriel piece you had on your site, so I'll be excited to see the new one! It's kinda cool because there hasn't been much art done for it, so it's a blank slate. ALSO, I've been listening to the audiobook with Sam and Tim Curry is the narrator!! Soooo awesome.

Frank said...

"...a mindset I am constantly striving to emulate."

I thought you invented that mindset. Have you ever not been optimistic? Great pieces!


Alexis said...

that flower one is a genius idea, too