Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vanishing Gatekeepers + Hint

This was a recent quick-turnaround job for LA Weekly about the music industry's A&R men (Artist and Repetoir men--the execs responsible for scouting new music stars). Because many bands these days are able to record their music and find fans through the internet, the music industry is increasingly choosing the bands who have already cultivated a fan base and have less of a need to pay execs to scout through seedy bars for the next big thing. The full article with my illustration is up here!

Since the A&R guys are described as the "Gatekeepers" of the music industry, I thought it would be appropriate to have some band dudes sneaking over a fence to get to the fans, instead of having to go through the gate.

ALSO, I am currently working on my Sabriel stuff for the Picture Book Report and I thought I'd give you a hint.
I rarely shoot reference, but I wanted to get the angles right and I happened to have a pretty good old-timey chair and the right outfit.

I'll be posting the final on Friday, but keep visiting the Picture Book Report! There's been so much great work posted and time invested by all participants, and we're doing it for YOU!


Nancy Muller said...

I love this limited color with inky textures thing you've got going on right now.

And aaaugh I am so excited for this first Sabriel piece, you have no idea. The story is fresh in my mind now, so I am hungry for images!

Anonymous said...

So I read Sbariel and I LOVED it so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with it. :D

Kali Ciesemier said...

Hooray! I'm glad both of you liked the book! I just gotta live up to all my hype now ;P

Ben Johns said...

I just started reading Sabriel, and I'm enthralled! I was so glad to find your illustrations, through the Picture Book Report.

Great job!